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COC Update!

Right in the last update the Archer towers were upgraded to lvl 12. This was the most significant visual difference, bombs and traps were updated & upgraded as well which if you ask me made the game more interesting. The biggest loss for us big players which most of you won’t notice is that revenges are now not as fast which means cheap shielding is not possible anymore. By the time you try to cheap shield someone would have attacked you already.

On that note Dream has gotten the highest score so far hitting 4418 last time I checked this morning. Scores in general have been getting higher and higher. It’s good to see Clayton & Il Pres names still in the Top 10 as they are the last of the remaining “old boys”.

The traps have made hog attacks slow down a bit which personally killed the game for me. I mean why have blue electric walls when 90% of attacks just jump over them.


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  1. jam3
    November 25, 2013 at 10:20 am - Reply

    Yes hog riders kill coc !
    ALL defense are not really good to kill them, the opportunity to kill them its to place trap et giant bomb in strategic place, but we are no more giant bomb and trap so if ennemy attack where we have not trap and bomb you lose ! :/

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